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Do you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a car that has stopped working? Are you plagued by the fear that the fuel tank is going to run out very soon? And you are desperately in the need of someone to tow your car? Do not worry; just call Towing Granada Hills. We will make sure that you get the best help possible and within the shortest time possible. We provide all kinds of Granada Hills Towing services, and you can reach us anytime.


We are always at your disposal
granada hills towingIn contrast to many other tow truck services in Granada Hills, we are always open. This means that you can call us at any time of the day or night, and you can be sure to get our timely assistance. Within an hour of calling Granada Hills Towing services, our mechanics will reach you with their tow trucks and will provide you with all the necessary help to tow your vehicle to the nearest located service station at a minimal charge. Call our heavy duty towing Granada Hills today.


granada hills towing serviceYou can count on us for providing you with professional help whenever there is a need
Our mechanics at Granada Hills Towing are all highly trained professionals who are more than equipped to deal with any vehicle-related problems.

Towing in 91344, 91345

They are all knowledgeable and can carry out all towing related tasks in an expert manner. Rid yourself of any fear regarding your vehicle. Our Granada Hills Towing mechanics treat your car with care and before returning it to you makes sure that all the glitches have been successfully repaired.


We, at Granada Hills Towing, make sure that all our equipment and machinery required for the towing services and all other types of vehicle and roadside assistance are up to date. Proper care is taken to ensure that they are in the best working condition before we use them on your vehicle. We are totally armed with all kinds of equipment such as dolly straps, chain binders and tow dollies and wheel lifts. Our machinery is modern and advanced and hence be rest assured that you are handing over your car to the best treatment facility.

TOWING & ROADSIDE SERVICE | (818) 483-8631

We do not limit ourselves only to towing services, but our range of services is quite broad. We also provide roadside assistance as required, such as-
• Charge died out car battery
• Fix flat tires
• Ignition replacement
• Jump start batteries
• Refueling empty tank
• Recharge car battery
• And also locksmith services
Our towing services include-
• Car towing
• Emergency towing
• Local and also long distance towing
• Heavy duty towing
• Discount Towing | (818) 483-8631
• Flatbed towing
We also provide Motorcycle tow services in Granada Hills.

granada hills towingNot many tow services can claim that their services are cheap and affordable. But we can. With our broad range of services priced at a range that everyone can afford, we at Granada Hills Towing maintain that everyone should be able to avail themselves of our offer. Our affordable Granada Hills tow services will make you realize that towing services are not sky high. We offer the same quality service like others but at a price less than they charge. Our cheap towing Granada Hills services have made us popular among one and all.

Affordable tow service in Granada Hills

We offer towing service for all kinds of vehicles, whether it is a car, truck or anything. Do not hesitate to call for assistance at Granada Hills Towing services. Your command is our duty.
We also provide locksmith services
If you ever find yourself locked out of your car, just reach us at Granada Hills Towing and we will make sure that you do not have to suffer this condition for long. We pride ourselves on being equipped for dealing with all such emergency situations. Some of the other additional services that we also include are: Car key repairing and also the replacement of the ignition key.


towing granada hillsThe following services are available even in the neighboring areas
Not only the people of Granada Hills can list our services but those in the nearby areas too can benefit themselves from our services. The following fields which fall under the zip codes 83353, 83354 (Sun Valley), 91501-91508, 91510, 91521-91523, 91526 (Burbank), 91011, 91012 (La Canada Flintridge) and many more are covered by us.

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