Some Different Tow Trucks Granada Hills Service Provided

These trucks get there name from the work it does, most often we see these trucks towing or carrying vehicles which are no longer in a drivable condition. These tow trucks Granada Hills provide an extremely useful service. If they were an accident on the road, the passengers are taken care of by the police and ambulance services while the vehicles involved in the collision are taken care of by these towing services. If the involved vehicles were not immediately moved away from the roads then they could create quite a traffic hazard. It is important that the damaged vehicle be moved away from the roads so that the rest of the traffic could move on normally.

These trucks come in handy and pull away small or big vehicles away from the main roads thus making movement possible. Even if a vehicle is impounded legally for any reason it is towed away as per the law. We usually see that when a car is wrongly parked in public places the traffic department will tow it away and you will be able to claim is only after paying a fine.

The tow trucks Granada Hills come in different sizes to pull or carry vehicles of different sizes. The smaller once are like modified pickup trucks. They can pull away regular cars from the roads. These trucks usually lift off the front wheels of the vehicle with the help of a mini crane and then pull them away to any destined place. Apart from these there are many heavy trucks which carry other trucks or cars onto their back and then shift them from place to place. People who are shifting their residence to another city too utilize the services of these trucks to shift their private motors to that particular city. This ensures safe transportation of their vehicles on the highways.

On major highways and toll roads, the tow trucks are owned and operated by the road authorities; apart from this these trucks are usually owned by private businesses. Some Granada Hills towing service companies like school bus companies or package delivery companies, have their own towing trucks. This helps them in a great way if any of their own vehicles were broken. Governments departments like police department and fireworks department have a number of vehicles working under them, so they too have their own towing services to cater to the needs of their department.

Whenever there is an accident on the road or a car has a breakdown all you need to do is call the emergency service number and they will send a tow truck for your help. You could directly call any private towing service Granada Hills company if you have their number and you will require paying for their services later.